2021 product range

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Microsatellite on-board system


escOBC™ – powerful universal On-Board-Computer for CubeSat platforms (Satellites) for EUR 10 000 / EUR 9 000 for qty > 5 pcs


multi-mission microsatellite platform


The multi-mission microsatellite platform that is intended to serve worldwide customers with an industrial product enabling affordable regional and global microsatellite constellations: SVF (Software Verification Framework) for Microsatellites. Price is available upon proposal.


Radiation monitor based on SpacePix2(R) detector


Radiation monitor based on a revolutionary SpacePix2(R) detector for a wide range of space radiation measurements and monitoring applications 2SD® Space Dosimetry System for EUR 5 000 / EUR 4 500 for qty > 5 pcs.

VZLUSAT2 radiation monitor SXRM SpacePix® is on the way to Musk/Falcon 9, that will be launched in summer 2021.

2SD Space Dosimetry System

Health Recorder for Mars Dust Detection


Health Recorder for Mars Dust Detection – portable device used to provide real-time measurements of NO2, SO2, O3, PM2.5 and PM10 pollutant concentrations in the air. Price is EUR 870 for qty 1 – 5 pcs / EUR 750 for qty 6 – 10 pcs / EUR 570 for qty 11 – 50 pcs.

Please, see more details in the attachment or on https://www.esc-aerospace.com/sro/.

 We wanted to discuss with you also CZ-X R&D opportunities through the Innovation Authority (to elaborate topics such as FSW, OBC, Radiation Monitors).

In any case of Your interest, we would be glad to provide You more information on phone number +420 284 683 784 or e-mail: sales@esc-aerospace.cz.