esc Aerospace Products 2021

esc Aerospace 2021 Product Range

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Microsatellite on-board system

escOBC™ – powerful universal On-Board-Computer for CubeSat platforms (Satellites) for EUR 10 000 / EUR 9 000 for qty > 5 pcs

Multimission microsatellite platform

multi-mission microsatellite platform

The multi-mission microsatellite platform that is intended to serve worldwide customers with an industrial product enabling affordable regional and global microsatellite constellations: SVF (Software Verification Framework) for Microsatellites. Price is available upon proposal

rediation monitor on SpacePix2 detector

Radiation monitor based on SpacePix2(R) detector

Radiation monitor based on a revolutionary SpacePix2(R) detector for a wide range of space radiation measurements and monitoring applications 2SD® Space Dosimetry System for EUR 5 000 / EUR 4 500 for qty > 5 pcs. VZLUSAT2 radiation monitor SXRM SpacePix® is on the way to Musk/Falcon 9, that will be launched in summer 2021.

Mars Health recorder

Health Recorder for Mars Dust Detection

Health Recorder for Mars Dust Detection – portable device used to provide real-time measurements of NO2, SO2, O3, PM2.5 and PM10 pollutant concentrations in the air. Price is EUR 870 for qty 1 – 5 pcs / EUR 750 for qty 6 – 10 pcs / EUR 570 for qty 11 – 50 pcs.