Our space mission

ESC is renown for designing, coding, managing and delivering state-of-the-art space qualified software and supporting electronics for all types of space vehicles and satellites.

On-board systems

  • Qualified flight software
  • Avionics & on-board computer (OBC) – escOBC™
  • Radiation monitor & sensor systems


  • Secure & resilient communications leveraging SATCOM (escSRC™)
  • Data analytics

Command and Control

  • Avionics and auto pilots
  • Autonomy
  • Visual Relative Navigation
  • Positioning, Navigation and Timing (escPNT™)
  • Secure and Resilient Communication (escSRC™)

Custom Development

  • Aerial targets
  • Custom UAS development


  • escCUAS™ – Counter UAS
  • escMSAP™ – Multi Service Aerial Platform
  • UAS Traffic Management (UTM) integration